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YDNA R-A7993 George Washington Family Tree

Who was Margaret [or Mary] HARTLEY ?
How was she related to President George Washington ?

Elected in 1789 as the first President of the United States, George Washington has often been referred to as the "father of our country." A natural leader, it has been said that he donated some of his own silver spoons and forks when the new country needed silver and gold to make money.

YDNA R-A7993 George WASHINGTON's Family Tree links to Margaret [Mary] HARTLEY:

Margaret [or Mary] HARTLEY was born abt.1542 in Stone Edge, Lancashire, England. Her father was John HARTLEY. She married Lawrence TOWNELEY Snr. in Stone Edge, Lancashire, England, after 1563. Lawrence was born in Barnside, Lancashire, England, the son of Lawrence TOWNELEY and Helen HESKETH. Lawrence died Jan 1567/68 in Stone Edge, Lancashire, England.

Lawrence TOWNELEY Jnr. [birth date unknown]. Lawrence died 12 Feb 1654/55 in Colne, Lancashire, England. He married Jennet HALSTEAD after 1597. Jennet was the daughter of John HALSTEAD and Elizabeth. Jennet died 1623. Her body was interred 12 Aug 1623 in Burnley, Lancashire, England. Lawrence TOWNELEY and Jennet HALSTEAD had the following child:

Mary TOWNELEY was born in Stone Edge, Lancashire, England 13 May 1614. Mary died 11 Aug 1662 in Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA, at 48 years of age. She married Augustine WARNER bef 1642. Augustine was born in Norfolk, England 28 Sep 1611. Augustine died 24 Dec 1674 in Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA, at 63 years of age.
Augustine Warner and Mary Towneley had the following children:

Sarah WARNER. She married Lawrence Towneley.
Augustine WARNER Jnr. was born in York Co., VA 3 Jun 1642. Augustine died 19 Jun 1681 in Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA, at 39 years of age. He married Mildred READE 1670. Mildred was the daughter of George READE and Elizabeth MARTIAU. Mildred died 1693 in Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA. Augustine WARNER and Mildred READE had the following children:

Mary WARNER. She married John SMITH.
Mildred WARNER was born in Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA 1670. Mildred died 26 Mar 1701 in Whitehaven, Cumberland, England, at 30 years of age. She married twice. She married Lawrence WASHINGTON 1688. Lawrence was born in Westmoreland Co, Va Sep 1659. Lawrence was the son of John WASHINGTON and Anne POPE. Lawrence died Feb 1697/98 in Warner Hall, Gloucester, VA, at 38 years of age. Mildred later married George GALE after 1697/98.

April 2024 Update: George WASHINGTON's male descedants tested YDNA [Open Access Published : March 28, 2024 DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.isci.2024.109353 ]

In 2015, the HartleyFamily.UK author, William Hartley, researched his father-in-law's close family members and discovered&registered this YSNP marker, A7993

R-A7993 YSNP 'President George WASHINGTON marker' discovered in 2015 by William Hartley : email: william@hartleyfamily.uk

In 2023/2024 the media announced results of the testing of YDNA genetic samples belonging to male descendants of President George WASHINGTON.

The Result: President George Washington was R-Y16889 > R-A7993+ ... R-Y16889 is a marker shared by my wife's father, Ian Dovaston STANT [1932-2018]. Ian therefore shares the Washington family male YSNP R-Y16889 Branch markers belonging to George's ancestor, R-Y16889, and both WASHINGTON and STANT lines originated in North Yorkshire, England.

R-16889 Tree @ YFull ... showing R-Y16889 > A7993 WASHINGTON line, and R-Y16889 > Y16884,A8027+ YFull :YF016643 STANT line

President George WASHINGTON is not only my wife's Cousin, he is also my 25th Cousin, 12x Removed, related to me through my Paternal HARTLEY>> line ancestor, Margaret [Mary] HARTLEY [1542-1567/8], and through my Maternal CUTTS>BUTLER>EATON>CLIFFORD>> line, shown below ...

beginning&end lines of my family tree, showing relationship bewteen President George Washington and author William Hartley

YDNA R-A7993 Augustine WASHINGTON was born in Wakefield, Westmorland, VA 1693. Augustine died 12 Apr 1743 in King George Co., VA, at 49 years of age. He married twice. He married Jane BUTLER bef 1715. He married Mary BALL 6 Mar 1730-31. Mary was born in Lancaster Co., VA 1708. Mary was the daughter of Joseph BALL and Mary BENNETT. Mary died 25 Aug 1789 in Fredericksburg, VA, at 81 years of age.
Augustine WASHINGTON and Jane BUTLER had the following children:
Butler was born 1715/16. Butler died bef 1729.
Lawrence was born 1717/18. Lawrence died 1751 at 33 years of age.
Augustine was born 1719.
Jane was born 1721. Jane died 1734 at 13 years of age.
Augustine WASHINGTON and Mary BALL had the following children:
YDNA R-A7993 George WASHINGTON was born 11 Feb 1732.
Betty was born 1732. Betty died 1797 at 65 years of age.
Samuel was born 1733. Samuel died 1781 at 48 years of age.
John Augustine was born 1735. John died 1787 at 52 years of age.
Charles was born 1737. Charles died 1799 at 62 years of age.
Mildred was born 1738. Mildred died 1739 at 1 year of age.

YDNA R-A7993 George WASHINGTON, son of Augustine WASHINGTON and Mary BALL, was born in Pope's Creek, Westmorland, VA 11 Feb 1732. George died 14 Dec 1799 in Mt. Vernon, Fairfax, VA, at 67 years of age. He married Martha DANDRIDGE in New Kent Co., VA, 6 Jan 1759. They had no children.

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