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Early pioneer Hartleys in Africa [some mentioned below] are found in South Africa and Rhodesia.

One of the earliest South African Hartley Family Trees is recorded in:

The '1820 Settlers' ...

Bathurst, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

The agreement to settle in The Cape of Good Hope was signed at Nottingham on 7.12.1819. The leader of the party was Dr Thomas CALTON.
Amongst the signatories was Thomas HARTLEY [Wesleyan Methodist - Blacksmith] aged 48 [b.10 Jan 1772 d.22 Jul 1840] from Norton Cuckney, north of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. He was accompanied by his second wife Sarah nee FIELD aged 39 [b.1780] m.14 Apr 1812 at Mansfield. Their children were: by first wife Hannah HOPKINS b.27 Jul 1776 m.31 Dec 1795 Norton Cuckney, north of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire d.Jan 1811: William John aged 23 [b.9 Oct 1796 d.5 Apr 1886], Mary Ann aged 22 [b.29 Oct 1798 m.PAGE? d.22 Jul 1850? or 28 May 1873?], Ann aged 20 [b.13 Apr 1800 m.William MEATS 1823 Cape of Good Hope, South Africa d.26 Jan 1897], Thomas aged 16 [b.29 Mar 1803 d.28 Jul 1886], John aged 15 [b.1804 d.Jun 1854], Hannah aged 14 [b.Jan 1805 d.28 Aug 1870], Elizabeth aged 13 [b.16 Dec 1806 d.1 Jun 1865), Sarah aged 10 [b.4 Mar 1808 d.31 Mar 1872]: children by second wife Sarah FIELD: Jeremiah aged 7 [b.18 Oct 1813 m.Elizabeth WEEKS 23 Feb 1833? or 27 May 1837? d.22 Nov 1848] Henry aged 4 [b.Sept 1815 d.8 Feb 1876, Henry became a hunter and was reputed to have killed 1200 elephants in his lifetime], Susan/Susannah aged 11 months [b.16 Jul 1819 d.on voyage Feb 1820].

[Thomas HARTLEY's father was John HARTLEY b.c.1745 m.Ann [possibly nee HALL]: the HARTLEY family of Blacksmiths and Ironmongers go back to 17thC at Norton Cuckney, Nottinghamshire]
The party numbered 158 and the ship 'Albury' sailed from Liverpool on 13th Feb 1820 arriving at Simonstown, SA on 1st May and then at Algoa Bay on 15th May. On the 6th June Sir Rufane Donkin arrived at the village and named it Port Elizabeth [after his wife].

see 1820Settlers.com

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